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paper-rolls-sectorOver the years we’ve supplied customers with virtually every type label there is, including customised and branded variations as well as labels in a huge range of materials and colours. Above all, we’ve got the expertise to give customers labelling solutions that tick every box, from matching their budget and meeting their delivery deadlines through to providing specialist labels fit for extreme environments.

  • Standard off-the-shelf labels or customised to meet your size, shape, colour and adhesive requirements
  • Variety of materials and paper grades
  • Range of adhesives for extreme hot or cold applications and environments
  • Plain white or a choice of 8 colours, including metallic
  • High quality papers compatible with leading thermal transfer and thermal direct printers
  • Option for labels made to meet legislative demands on food manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers and retailers
  • Available in roll, sheet or fanfolded formats
  • Design service for personalised products using variable data

Plain Labels


Our extensive range of sizes and shapes meets any requirement a customer might have.

  • Variety of paper grades and materials, including synthetic
  • Range of specialist adhesives, including adhesives for extreme hot or cold environments
  • Off-the-shelf labels or made to meet your requirements for size, shape, colour and adhesive type

Types: box end, clear, coloured, plain white

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Customised and Printed Labels

paper-rolls-sector We can supply high-quality papers compatible with leading thermal transfer and thermal direct printers.

  • Plain white through to 8 colours, including high-resolution photographic quality
  • Choose from a wide range of papers and adhesives to suit your requirements
  • Varnish option acts as protective layer to the printed label
  • Produced to meet legislative demands on food manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers and retailers

Types: barcode, bullet (multi-part), sandwich, price weigh, promotional, sale and discount, warning, garden centre, quality control, packaging, food and ingredients

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Thermal Labels

paper-rolls-sector Thermal labels are used in your thermal printer, and our extensive range covers labels for any printer system including Zebra, Toshiba, Datamax, Intermec, Monarch, Citizen, Citoh and all others.

  • As well as plain thermal direct and thermal transfer labels, we can produce pre-printed thermal labels that customers can run through their own thermal printers to add additional data (or fill in blanks by hand). This could be for weights of product, ‘use-by’ dates, sequential numbering or barcodes etc
  • Wide range of papers/adhesives: vellum, semi-gloss, gloss, economy, superior, blockout, colour-washed, permanent, removable, freezer etc
  • Off-the-shelf stock or bespoke items
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Available on rolls or fanfolded
  • We also supply a comprehensive range of thermal transfer ribbons

Types: direct thermal, thermal transfer

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Sprocket Fed Labels

paper-rolls-sector Whilst dot matrix printers are gradually being replaced by more efficient printing methods, Formkraft understand that some of our customers continue to use sprocket fed technology. We offer a range of sprocket fed materials to suit your specific requirements.

  • Labels die-cut in continuous, sprocket punched fanfold packs, for tractor feed printers
  • Narrow and wide web sprocket punched labels, which can be plain or pre-printed in up to seven colours

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Swing Tickets and Tags

paper-rolls-sector Swing Tickets and tags are used in a wide range of industries in order to promote products economically and are seen on items such as clothing and gifts.

  • Non-adhesive
  • Single, on a roll or fanfolded
  • Roll or fanfolded to go through thermal transfer printers
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes and with or without punched holes
  • Off-the-shelf or customised
  • Strung or unstrung

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Special Function Labels

paper-rolls-sector We help customers from all sectors solve a wide range of labelling problems every day. For challenging applications we’ve got labels offering a variety of special qualities, including:

  • Withstanding extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to chemical/oil or other substance spills
  • Resistant to handling/transportation
  • Able to be removed without leaving a residue
  • Not removable without leaving evidence that the label has been tampered with

Types available: Piggy back, Freezer, Tamper evident, High tack, Sensor marks, Outdoor, High temperature, Removable, Multi-part, Waterproof, Wet pack, completely dissolvable and Blockout.

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Shelf Edge Labels

paper-rolls-sectorShelf edge labels are used to display product data such as barcodes, price or weight and are usually inserted into the shelf edge itself or inserted into plastic slides that cover the shelf edge.

  • Choose from a range of commonly used stock labels or ask us to customise the labels to meet your brand requirements
  • We can produce shelf edge labels ready-printed or in a format suitable for you to print using your own thermal printer.

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Promotional Labels

paper-rolls-sector Promotional labels are usually applied by hand and commonly used for promotional purposes to draw attention to a particular product or special offer.

  • Examples include sale, promotional offers and product promotion
  • Off-the-shelf or customised labels available

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Price Gun Labels

paper-rolls-sectorUsed for pricing items with a price gun machine or as ‘use by’ labels in the hospitality industry to comply with food standards law. Price gun labels are commonly used in small businesses as a cost-effective way of labelling items.

  • Comprehensive range of off-the-shelf and customised items
  • Range of adhesives suitable for use in chillers and freezers

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