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Point of Sale

paper-rolls-sectorOur Point of Sale products and solutions are already answering the visual merchandising needs of some of the UK’s leading retailers – businesses that need a variety of specific items to create just the right impression and drive sales. As always, our unique mix of expertise and resources means we’re able to tailor packages to meet the exact requirements of our customers, as well as quickly responding when those requirements change. From standard display equipment through to specialist or seasonal merchandise, we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect customer experience on time, every time.


paper-rolls-sector Formkraft can supply everything you need for your in-store and window displays.

  • Standard items as well as unusual, customised and branded items
  • Leaflet dispensers
  • Poster holders
  • Slatwall
  • Menu holders
  • Display stands
  • Aggregates
  • Garment rails
  • Christmas and seasonal products

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paper-rolls-sector We are able to supply a wide range of high-quality standard or customised mannequins to perfectly match your needs.

  • Wide choice of styles, poses, colours and finishes available
  • Adult and child options
  • Highly competitive prices

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  • Guns and attachments available to suit all tagging needs
  • Tags and tickets for labelling, pricing and promoting merchandise
  • Wide range of materials to suit your budget and perfectly reflect your brand

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paper-rolls-sector We work in close partnership to understand your issues and identify workable, cost-effective solutions to match your budget.

  • Our solutions can range from comprehensive security systems through to security tags and tag releasers

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Hangers and Size Cubes

paper-rolls-sector Thanks to 20 years specialising in the retail sector, we’ve got the expertise to supply hangers and size cubes in a range of materials and qualities meeting all budgetary and brand requirements.

  • Off-the-shelf or branded hangers
  • High-quality products at highly competitive prices

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